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For the hat I would just measure his head, then measure the stitches per inch you are getting in the knitting you have done and work it out from that! Love thye bikini, I think I had one a long time agao, but she's right they are not very practical when they get wet!


haha, that bra is cute. I had a crocheted bikini, too when i was child. and it came off in water. i hast could wear it on the beach.

i read when travelling with public transport (but mainly I knit). I rarely read. sometimes, if the book is very interesting, i read short before breakfast when waiting for my daughter to get ready. or before bedtime. but I used to read more when i didn't have a child :-) and didn't blog. and didn't have internet. but reading blogs is reading, too, isn't it?


Oh - the luxury of a good book! I hurt my hand pretty badly this weekend (deep burns) and the doctor says no movement so I will be reading and no craftng for a while. To the library I go today.
Did you get your magazine yet?


omg that bikini brings back memories!!! I made that same one in the 70's! It was the first and last thing I ever with crochet. I found out it wasn't my thing. But I loved that bikini and wore it---so daring of me...younger (and thinnner) in those days. Ha!Plus I lived at the beach so, it felt very normal to be half-naked most of the time! I don't remember swimming in it however, that might've been pushing things a bit, but it wouldn't have been the first time I lost a suit in the ocean though. Amber did a fantastic job on this--beautiful!

It's funny you mentioned Dorothy Canfield-Fisher, because Ginger and I are currently reading one of her best-loved books called, "Understood Betsy" which is about a sheltered nine-year-old orphan girl raised by her aunts who is sent to live on a farm and discovers the world. That's it in a nutshell! It's one of my all time favorite children's stories. She wrote it after "The Homemaker" also wonderful, and had married by then and took the last name Fisher, so it would probably be listed under that.


that first book sounds great. I might have to add it to my LONG list of books to read.

Lovely blog by the way.


I read The Housekeeper last fall and loved it. I read it in the Persephone imprint 'cause I heard about it from Jane at Yarnstorm and that is where she found it. It is a truely touching and thoughtful book.


That book is one I have been wanting to read for a while now! Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

I love the look of your handspun yarn.

Amber sure has done an impressive job designing the bikini top.


That book sounds amazing for its time - and even now really. I am going to try and keep it in mind. Personally, I am not particularly picky when it comes to books. I'll admit that I often judge a book by its cover (ie. heaving chests are a no, author's name bigger than title is a no) but I'll read almost anything. Unless its boring. Then I stop.


Nodding my head as I read your post. Reading has gone by the wayside since craftng took over.
Though, right now I'm reading The Other Boelyn Girl. I'm a night owl, so I usually do my thing once the kids have gone to bed. Then I stay up way too late and regret it the next day.



Oh, boy, do I relate! I am TRYING to not feel guilty for "indulging" in reading, especially since I'm at a time in my life where most of what I want to read is not merely for entertainment, but to increase my knowledge and (hopefully!) make me a better person. :) I read voraciously as a girl, but set it aside after having babies, since I completely get lost in a book and a train could run through without me noticing. NOT good with several toddlers. :)
But, this year, I have resolved to read more and am trying to set aside time nearly every day to read.
I also highly reccommend Understood Betsy - such a sweet, sweet story!


Great post! You may also like The Egg and I. A homemaker learns a lot in the early century.


I agree with the comment about reading blogs. I often feel like I have several "books" on the go at once when catching up with all my favourite blogs. I go through stages with reading "real" books though. If I am REALLY into it, that's it I will just sit and read and read. My husband says he knows when I have a good book because the house starts to fall down around me. I can be a bit like that with crafting and arting too. I have been through stages where I just didn't read for months (I didn't read for AGES after I finished my English Degree at Uni), but now I have settled into a routine of reading when I go to bed. We both do. If it's a good book I'll go to bed earlier. It's a good habit for me because it forces me to read, even if it's just a chapter. I am ploughing through the complete works of Jane Austen at the moment, and while I know most of the stories and have read many before, I must say I am really enjoying it. It is a challange to read and I find I can't do it around the kids because I really need to concentrate.
Loving the colours in your hat. I think the hardest thing for me to learn with knitting was: if it's not working, pull it apart and start again. I'm working on a jumper now (kind of making it up as I go along) and I have started the sleeves 5 times...I'll get it right, eventually!


I get so lost in books, I have to use the library or it'd cost me a fortune, my favourite is reading in the bath - I can happily wile away nearly 2 hours in there with a good book! Love the colours in the hat!


oh! i've had that book on my list for ages. i may just treat myself to it this weekend.

p.s. -- been lurking for a while, your blog and work are lovely.


I haven't visited in awhile and am glad I did. It's interesting that you mention this book. There is a buzz going around on US blogs about this article in the NY Times on gender differences.


The more things change; the more they remain the same.


Hmmm the above link doesn't work...Thanks for the heads up Simmy. I actually was clued into this story at a blog I read regularly


I'm not blogging on this subject, since these women have said it better than I.

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