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oh, this is so lovely. and yes, you are right. christmas is what you make of it. although i find it sometimes a bit stressing what influence comes from outside, from the commercials. i love your christmas traditions with your children. it sounds so lovely. all the being together and crafting. i do that, too with my daughter. we make presents for others. and bake. and make a gingerbred house! in the evening we read a advent bedtime story. at the moment it is pettersson and findus. i was going to write about it on your flickr group. i couldn't find the book in english though. however, i also very much like astrid lindgren storeis which have so much of a past time christmas spark. and decorating the house and tree. all lovely!


Dear Simmy,

Can I move in with you? Pleeeease.

All your family traditions sound so lovely. Great idea for a Flickr group too - I'm photographing ours as we read them, ready to post.


You have some really great traditions in place which will stay with your kids as they get older.


You have some really great traditions in place which will stay with your kids as they get older.


We have a winter spiral instead of an Advent one because our Christmas is in summer. The Advent one sounds lovely and so do all your other traditions.


Simmy this sounds just fantastic. Since I moved out of my parents' house at 17, Christmas has always been a rushed and hectic time for me. For the first few years it was the college exams, crazy flight home on the 22nd or 23rd, and feeling like I had missed everything the family had been doing. Then there were the two years I was in Japan, where Christmas is a "dating holiday" and everyone eats a Christmas Chicken from KFC. Since Costas and I have been together we haven't really started any traditions of our own and usually stick to the hectic university schedule and fly to visit my parents or his parents the weekend before christmas. Your post reminds me of all the things I miss from childhood, especially singing carols and gazing at the tree at night. Thank you for reminding me what I'm missing.
Enjoy the season.


What a gorgeous post. I love Christmas too for all the traditions. I loved making things for Xmas as a kid and I know mine do too. And I LOVE LOVE the idea of the Advent spiral...gorgoeous.


I agree with Ramona -- Simmy can I join your family??? Pleeeeeeeze? Your traditions sound peaceful and sweet.

I loved spending time watching the christmas lights blink on the christmas tree as a kid. But the whole thing really has gotten too commercial in my eyes, at least here in the US. Now, since my siblings and I are grown up and partnered up, it's really difficult for my family to all get together at one time. So it's always rushed.

And for me, my birthday being four days before Christmas, I always felt a bit like my special day was taken over by that other special day...

You've inspired me into thinking about my own holiday traditions -- a blog post is incubating even now!


I've been waiting anxiously for Sunday to see your table. I put mine up and photographed it yesterday too - not as lovely as yours.

I love your idea of adding stars - now, I'm going to add some to mine.


You and your family have wonderful traditions for the holidays. It definitely helps to take the emphasis off what you are getting to what you are giving.


Simmy, I just love your advent calendar especially the shepherd who appears to have had one over the eight:) No disrespect, it just made me laugh. Christmas at your house sounds wonderful and obviously catches exactly the spirit of the season. Your children will have some lovely memories.


Wow you are incredible and very creative, inspired I would say. I just found your blog and I love it! Keep up the good work Simmy! No profile I noticed.


I love to see your Advent traditions. I've posted mine too - similar to yours but different too.


I Love you girls



Great ideas. Christmas isn't usually enjoyable at our place, but you have lifted my spirits and as you said 'Christmas is what you make it'. I am definitely going to do something about it. Thanks alot :-D

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