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Your pies are so cute! I love the stars. I have no idea what mince is though.

Your dolls and cards and everything is always so lovely. You put so much love into everything. Your family is so blessed!


All the Snowflake patterns on Paper Snowflakes for Children are free.



We have that Jonathan Toomey book too and I get all choked up and can't read it aloud.


Your mince "pies" look wonderful. We call them tarts. My Mom used to make acres of them as well. (My Dad ate acres of them!) I've yet to make mincemeat as part of my Christmas and I'm not sure why. Thank you for the lovely visual - I swear I could almost smell them ...


I love the cards Simmy, they're so sweet and simple. As soon as I'm over this bug I'll be using up the masses of mincemeat I made in October!lol! I don't know what's wrong with me, I don't feel hungry and I don't want to spend ages in front of the PC...I must be poorly. If I don't speak to you before hand, have a blessed and peaceful Christmas.

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