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What beautiful and thoughtful gifts and I am so pleased you had a lovely time at your sisters and it sounds like you're continuing to enjoy the holidays. Wishing you a happy New Year too.


Happy New Year Simmy! I hope you have a wonderful year ahead.


I'm glad you all had such a lovely Christmas with your sister and her family, the gifts the children made are lovely, I really like the felt purse. Happy New Year Simmy.


Simmy, your gifts look absolutely lovely. Father Christmas gave my D a loom and a French knitting kit for Christmas...I'm really jealous of the loom...she's busy right now. About your rant, I'm looking forward to it, I'd like to know your views. I'm finding how our children are treated (mis), expected to behave, rejected? and subsequently over-indulged to be very, very disturbing.

PS. Have you ever heard of Owen Barfield?


Lovely gifts. Wonderful children. I'm impressed that you are teaching them how to really "give" of themselves. Ahem, your son might like to see you use your wonderful dishcloth — all the time — but obviously, that's up to you.


I just love the oak rack for your cotton reels.

For me I don't mind the children having some electronic stuff. What gets me is the amount of money people spend on food and alchol for the christmas period, and then they have to throw most of it out as it goes out of date!!


Beautiful gifts.I'm looking forward to your next post.


What heartfelt, thoughtful, and beautiful gifts.
Grandparents quite literally shower us and our children with gifts to the point of ridiculousness. I find myself annoyed and frustrated by it all each year even though most of them are truly good games and toys, in my opinion. My parents asked me to choose the gifts from them for the boys this year. The boys made gifts for their grandparents and I sent out handmade wreaths early in December.
Santa filled the boys stockings with the usual good chocolates, some organic, bought while they were on sale for nearly half price. He also brought them second hand books and a pound of bakeable polymer clay bought with a coupon at nearly half price as well. They each received a $3.00 storebought pirate's hook from us. That's it, partly because we couldn't afford more this year, which, it turned out, was a good thing, and they didn't even notice.


You're right! Tickle-Me Elmo (wasn't that one Extreme enough?) and its like make my heart sink. Keep up the good work with your wonderful kids.

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