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Well done Amber. Hope that you will soon be better. And I will 'say a little prayer for you'........!


You sound as though you are whirling round in circles. Don't forget to take breath.


Okay, I'll give it another shot! :op

Someone sd. "Color My World"---how about "Color My Wurl"!

oh, I do love a good pun! :op Is "wurl" a word you use with wool?! I would think it would be! :op If so, I also submit:

Wurling Dervish
What a Wonderful Wurl


Dropping Tints
Putting Out a Fleece (Biblical)
The Golden Fleece (mythology!)
Get Fleeced
Wool Gathering
Dreaming in Wool
Packed with Fibre
Fantasies in Fibre
(I'm probably repeating stuff! :op)
Colorful Curls
Feeling Curlish
Cozy Curls
Curl Up and Go to Sheep (heh!)

For a different slant, how about "Black Sheep" (as in, "have you any wool? yes sir, yes sir, three bags full....")


Feel better Amber. So sad she couldnt enjoy her day in the spotlight! Maybe they will let her do something else? Your book is very neat. I am working on getting the good up to make altered books.


::clap, clap, clap::
(for Amber) Way to go!!

Your dye work is always so yummy. It kills me that I can't reach through the computer and touch it!


Just giving it another thought, how about Cotswold Craft Fibres?
or Fibre Faeries! I like to think of you as a little fibre faerie, delicately creating delectibly dying, wool for crafty people!
The trouble is there are too many to choose from but you will know when you find the right name! Nice book by the way, looking forward seeing how it is done!


how about "Cots wool"? Or " Colourful Cotswool"?


Your book turned out great!

How about 'Dreams of Ewe'? I did a quick search and didn't find any but that doesn't mean it isn't already taken.


Still scratching my head trying to think of a suitable name. How about 'Ramifications' - Cotswold Hand Dyed Fleece.


How about Cotswold's Cornucopia (Fibers) or Rowdy Rovings?


Oh darn it all... I forgot to say that I hope Amber feels better. I also hope she gets another chance to read her story on the radio.

I also wanted to add:

Wool Clouds (my favorite on this list)

ColorWool Clouds
Fluff n Stuff
Fluffy Fibers


Cotswold Woollies
Cotswold Wild Woollies
What a Wonderful Wool

Loved the suggestion Black Sheep. How about "Three Bags Full".

Or Fibre Baa
Wool Baa (oh I think that's taken, how about Cotswold Wool Baa)


Here's a couple more:

Cotswold Hills Fibres
Cotswold Colours
Cotswold Colours & Fibres

I'll keep thinking... ;0)

Sue S

Absolutely love the fleece dyed with the natural plants. I just bought some from your etsy store and look forward to the rainbow array you have assembled. Your colors are most wonderful and I wish you all the best with your sales.

Sue S

Cotswold Dreams In Color


Hi, simmy, I got the curls. Love them so much that I start making one new doll in order to use test some of the curled hair :=) Thank you for making all this fun possible!


I have posted a photo of your wool spun up on my blog if you wish to look.

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