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What I think you really need is an alliteration....for a name but look I've already got freestylefibre...still as an alternative thats got a bit of punch there is fibre frenzy! maybe its a bit too funky, and you want something more earthy..like freestyle fleece. Ok I don't think I'm onto a winner, maybe I'll give a bit more thought,I just like to visit,and keep an eye on what you're doing! I actually found you through etsy


Weellll, I LOVE your name so how about "Nature's Fibres" by Simmy...


OK. It is corny, but how about "Dying for Fibre" productions, lol?


I think your felted picture looks great. I'm curious to know what a dyed blanket is exactly -- is it just some wool felt that you dyed?

As far as your business, I've always like Fantasy Fibers but it is taken. Too bad Moral Fiber is already taken!


As your plant dyed fleece is selling 'like hotcakes' how about 'fleeting fibre' for a brand name!


Since you use natural dyes how about:

Nature's Dream Fibres
Nature's Garden Fibres
Nature's Dyes Fibres
Dream Dyes Fibres
Garden Dyes Fibres

stephanie s

i have no good ideas about your name... but do have the name of the thingummys.... antimacassar. one of those things i learned a long time ago and it stuck like glue.


How about "HeartFelt Fibers".

I like your felted picture especially the curly grassy bits with the flowers. The pallet of natural colours is fantastic.


How about "Wild and Woolly?"


wow, how exciting!! i do not think I have ever won anything before.....thanks!


How about Fiberclass? Oh, Okay then perhaps not. I'm sorry I missed your birthday Simmy. Congratualtions!


Your felted picture looks great. I knew you could do it.You shouldn'tbe so hard on yourself. I don't have a good suggestion for your business but good luck finding more fleece.


Hello, I don't have a blog and haven't commented before, but I enjoy reading your blog and have followed all your dyeing adventures. How about Dream Dyes? This would relate to the title of your blog.


Your waldof doll heads are perfect!


Hi! I love your blog and I am getting a big kick out of the "manky old ram" trying to steal the fleece!!!! I love it! I love the "echoes of a dream" would you think about incorporating that? like Echoes of a Dream hand dyed wool? I am imagining a cute tag with a pic of that manky ol ram!!! ha ha have a great day and thanks for all the inspiration!!!


I don't think the Ram was trying to steal the fleece Nina - was he?


I love your name. It is so unique. So here are a couple ideas.
Simmy's Simple Fibres
Simply Simmy

Whatever you choose, may it be blessed.


Dream Fiber
Echos of Sheep

Yeah, I'm not very good at the name thing either. Congratulations on your sales! I knew you were going to do well, you have such lovely colors. I still want some too maybe I will be able to get some on your next go round.


Oooh, i love Simply Simmy, then you could do other things as well if you wanted to. But I won't win anything because I didn't come up with it. i also like Echoes of a Dream wool fibre...

Using your blog banner (which is so lovely by the way) would be a very nice touch to add to packaging...

Just my thoughts.


I think your felted picture is lovely, such pretty and vibrant colours.

I am afraid I am rubbish with names so can't offer any help there but I love that ram picture, I just laughed out loud when I saw that, precious.

a visitor

Hi! I'm just a passerby! *waving*

What about the name "Dyed in the Wool"?

Three Alarm Fibre (corny!)

"Spinning a Yarn"

I do love your banner pic, and something like "Fantasies in Fibre" or "Dream Dyes" would go great with it. Oooh, how about "Gathering Wool"?!

"From Wool to Wonderful"

hmmm. I dunno. I just like playing with names! :D

Good luck!


Colour my world?
Lovely Locks?
Nature's Colours?
Over the Rainbow?
A Sheep of Many Colours?

I found you on flickr, seeing the beautiful bag of curls. Unfortunately, I seem to have missed out. Do you happen to have anymore? I would love to buy a few bags! Please let me know!


Curl Up and Dye
Fleecy Fibres
Woolly World

and that ram picture is hilarious. I'll bet he was saying to the fleece "Well don't just LIE there, say something!"


'Feeling Sheepish!'


Wool Whimsy or Wool Whimsies

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