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The colors of those fibers are wonderful! You must ask a little more per bag I think though. The idea of the felted pictures is wonderful for teachers gifts.


I really love your natural dyed wool. Please save one bag for me. :=) What's the name of your etsy shop BTW?


what beautiful felt... so lovely. wish you were in the states, I'd love to buy a bag.


sorry I meant to say "fleece"...


Beautiful colours, it looks so gorgeous I just want to reach into the computer and touch it!


your things are really lovely - don't ever doubt that - I first started visiting your blog because of your wonderful dolls and have really enjoyed reading about your dyeing too. have confidence to sell them for what they are worth - lots of your time, care and creative energy!
Go Girl!


Lovely, lovely colors, Simmy. I definitely want a bag, please! :) And that little DIva is absolutely adorable!!!


wowo simmy.. you are amazing.. great work..
I can't believe how quickly you mastered the natural dyeing!! I doubt seriously if you will have the adorable little packets for long.


I have no idea about pricing, it is one of my main problems whenever I sell anything. The wool packages look great, I quite like the heart label.

I have had a couple of goes at tha felted picture making. I really enjoyed it and my pictures looked pretty good for someone who isn't artistic. I bet yours will be too.


Simmy I want a bag ! The colors are lovely!


Your have lovely items and an amazing talent!

Best wishes to you!
Keep up the good work.


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