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stephanie s

i was just telling a friend about all your dying you have been doing, and how it is NOT something i even want to try.... but then i saw a wool blanket at a shop, in a pinky mauve... hmmmmm. glad to hear rohan is mending, even a tiny burn can hurt for days, so i can only imagine.


Poor darling! There's nothing worse than when you can't make it better.

We had a few ER trips in Z's short 2.5 years. Most recently for STAPLES in the back of his head. Apparently thought he could back flip off the couch. He kept telling me afterwards that his "haircut hurt". :-)


Can you get kool-aid there? If you will send me your address I will send you all the kool-aid for dying you want. It's about 5 cents a package here and there are lots of tutorials on the web to help you.
Just email me and I'll pop some off to you.

prairie mouse

i find with kool-aid (though ours is called somethng different here) that the pinks are the best but don't forget food colouring where you can getall sorts of colours. i didn't bother with a mordant with kool-aid but with food colouring i used glacial acetic acid. (intense vinegar) and you put about a tsp in a small container with a little water (a cup to a cup and a half) then as much food colouring as you desire. and you can mix it! what must our insides look like. beautiful on the inside!
glad to hear the blisters are on the raod to recovery. i did flinch when i read about tearing off the skin!


When I Kool-aid dyed my hair as a teen, I found the reds worked best. The purple and blues tended to turn grey.


I dye with kool-aid on occasion. I use vinegar and mix with hot water. If I'm dyeing something that will be washed I also steam in the microwave. I put the item in a zipper baggie and zip it most of the way closed. Then I microwave it for a few minutes. Then I take it out of the microwave, zip it all the way, and let it sit until it's cooled.

There's a good visual on what dyeing yarn several colors looks like here:


I've had good luck with all colors of kool-aid except for purple. I've heard rumors that the formula of the purple sold in Canada is different and dyes a nice color.

I can't even imagine how painful and awful that must be for Rohan. I hope he heals quickly!


http://www.eunnyjang.com/knit/2005/12/techniques_selfstriping_yarn.html is a great resource and so is the tutorial at knitty.com. Maybe because I'm deep in my own obsession with plant-dyeing I want to say forget the KoolAid when you have such a good thing going with the botanicals. It is fun to do with kids, though.


Koolaid is pretty much food coloring with citric acid. Because of the citric acid, you don't need a mordant. It's food safe, so it can be a fun project with kids, you can use your kitchen stuff--although it might get stained, it's still safe to continue using it to cook with. Reds and oranges work the best, my favorite is wild cherry. To get a skein a different color, I just mixed it up rather thick and painted it on.

It really is not very economical when you consider how little wool a packet of koolaid actually dyes, compared to an actual fiber dye. But it's easy, safe and fun so I encourage you to try it!


Gorgeous wools in the natural dyes. I really do hope you decide to sell some. I will be first in line. Re the cool aid, I have never done it myself so can't recommend colours - but I do know there are loads to choose from. If you want some do let me know - I would be happy to mail some to you. I have heard tho that it smells sugary and fake candy like for some time after. I did read somewhere about what to do about it - I will try and remember where I saw it and give you the link.


If you don't want to ship Kool Aid from the US, you can dye with jelly crystals or food colourings. Both are good to do with children!


I found your blog through Turkey Feathers and am I so happy to be here. Do your children go to a Waldorf/Steiner school? I loved seeing everythign on your blog but especially the dolls. I wish I could take your workshop you mentioned. I just have the hardest time making those heads. I have all the supplies to make the doll but I can't form the head. Maybe I'll try for this Christmas.


http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall02/FEATdyedwool.html good tutorial about CoolAid. sadly I don't have time to try it myself.


sorry ,I forgot to add the colorchart: http://www.thepiper.com/fiberart/koolaid/images/colorchart-max.jpg .


sin,what about natures wool
wildly woolly(make a fantastic label)
cotswolds wool company
natural yarns
where theres wool?????
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