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Happy Divali Simmy :) I wish I could see where your parents live - I remember Divali well from the town I grew up in.


Happy Divali! I loved reading about Divali, thank you for sharing that story.

I have lurked on your blog for a couple of weeks now. I wanted to say 'hi' and to say that I think your dolls are beautiful (as are all the things you have done!).


I am so in love with Ruby - I think it is her hair that does it for me.

Happy Diwali to you and your family - my nephew and niece are very much looking forward to Eid they have their presents already picked out.

Finally, I hope Rohan's hand is a lot better. Sorry it is a late show of concern I haven't been keeping up with my blog reading.


Happy Divali Simmy! The salwar kameez is stunning, what absolutely beautiful,vibrant colours.


I think the gnomes are super cute just as they are!

Thanks fo sharing about Divali, I learned something new and enjoyed reading your story.


i didn't know about this celebration. but for today we planned to go to an indian restaurant. good timing, i'd say, huh?
Happy Divali to you, then.


Happy Divali Simmy - your post is full of the most beautiful colours.


Hello Simmy,
The very best to you and your family for Diwali celebrations. One of the best gifts in life is having a strong and supportive family, and you are truly blessed.


the dyeing and dolls are wonderful


Yum. Wish we could cook a Divali dinner together. I'd love to learn some tricks. Yum. I'm hungry. :)

pamela t.

Happy Divali Simmy. I too, love the gnomes just the way they are.

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