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Your pumpkin child is so so sweet.


Hi Simmy - Yes, Halloween is HUGE here. Luckily, we have always stayed pretty tame in our celebrations but still, fudge brownies were made last night to send to Madison's class party today and Cullen's little preschool has a party this morning. Costumes can run to the very elaborate or, in our case, quite simple. I have always made all of my kids costumes. But every year huge, supersized halloween shops open just for the season to sell $100 costumes for both kids and adults. We have friends who live in one of the "nicer" areas of town and they estimate they get around 300 kids at their door every year. Anyway, we'll go to some of the friends in the neighborhood and call it good.
Love the pumpkin child. You are so creative.
Certainly sell some of the fiber on Etsy or somewhere. You do too good of a job not to share.
The football game is wonderful. But, hey, that doesn't look like the football we were talking about earlier this week?? Just kidding.


Halloween is a big deal here, and it seems to be getting bigger every year. I never think of it associated with bad things but with fall harvest and souls. I loved making a costume for my son but I won't make him a scary one.

I bet you could easily sell some of your dyed wool. I wouldn't limit the tags to felting, I'm pretty sure some people might be willing to spin those types of wool. Tags: wool, spinning, felt, felting, natural, vegetable dye, carded... I can probably give you more if you need. I would definitely be interested but may be limited by funds.

That cloth is cool too! How big are the patterns? If it is small enough, it would look great a dress on one of your dolls. How about children's pillowcases? Or a backing for a patchwork blanket? There are so many things you can do with it.


Halloween is not my favorite holiday either, and sadly it seems to me it's become a lot more like Christmas with the amount of preparation, decoration, and candy one must invest in and dole out. I'm not a party pooper, far from it, and I do participate, but I still feel a little overwhelmed by it all sometimes.

The pumpkin child is adorable! Now you've inspired me to make one as well. The pattern does seem perfect for it.

Happy apple-bobbing today!


Hi Simmy, Happy Halloween!! I would love to buy some roving from you for felting. Prices? Shipping? etc. And your dolls are beautiful! But that little pumpkin child is absolutely adorable!! I want one too! LOL


your waldorf heads are just perfect!!! it's so lovely to see you making all those lovely things. i am happy the package got there, especially that quick! happy halloween


The fabric... I picture it lining some clothing, and happily surprising you when it peeks out. Like inside a jacket, or the cuff on a pair of pants. I had an awsome vest as a child that my kids wear now, and that fabric could line the inside of the vest... the outside of the vest had pockets for crayons...


I love the pumpkin child, such wonderful soft colours.Your dolls look spruced up and ready for adventure.I must say your shed and stash of dyed fleece look a bit scarey, I think I would close the door and quietly walk away.


Love the fabric! It has reminded me of a Magic Roundabout quilt that I used to have when I was little, exactly the same cute print!


When we lived in Swindon, Halloween was not very pleasant. Our little neighborhood was full of kids throwing eggs. We did have some lovely children come around for sweets which was fun. I love Halloween, the dressing up, the games, the poems, the historic nature of Samhain. I love that you mentioned Beltaine. Keiran was born on May 1st and I refer to him as my Beltain baby. Dave loved the Subbuteo you made. I loved seeing the familiar names for the advertising. Does your family follow a team? I would love some of the fleece. Do you know how much you will ask? I think the thrifted material would make cute little note boards for the children to hang on their door or in their room or maybe even the kitchen.

The Shopping Sherpa

That Magic Roundabout fabric is to die for - I'd make bags out of it.

Are you serious about sharing it? If so please please please can I have some???


Your Halloween cut-out is fantastic - did you make it yourself? The football game looks excellent, my boys were big Subutteo fans in their teens, after school the back door opened and about 7 or 8 lads arrived to play it with them, they had some sort of league worked out I think. Once they all did a 24 hour sponsored game to raise money for a local cancer charity and two of the players from Sheffield Wednesday came to do the 'kick off' which was really exciting for them (the boys not the players:) ). There were pictures in the local paper etc.
Seems like a lifetime ago now.


Your lil pumpkin doll is just too precious! And your wool fluff is super.


oh my gosh - we have a pile of (no longer in use) curtains in that same fabric but on a pink background!

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