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Mickie Ruth

Could you please send me the patterns and instructions for these wonderfully adorable dolls. We have 18 grandchildren (ages 7 months to 12 years) and I would love to make each grandchild an oragnic "Waldorf Family" of a Mommie, Daddy, child and baby.
Just think, a gift Not made from plastic, a gift that runs on imagination not batteries - what a novel concept(LOL).
Thank You, "Gram M"


Those are gorgeous dolls, indeed! What a great talent to have! Thanks for the great instructions.

I've decided to make a couple of these dolls for Christmas this year. I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me a pattern for a 16" doll. I have included my e-mail, but let me know if you would like any other information.


Would you mind emailing me your pattern? I really love you dolls and I plan on making one for my daughter for Christmas this year. Thanks!

tatjana doane

please send me the pattern

Gretchen Skovron

I can't wait to get started, thanks for sharing this valuable info!


Thnks so much for sending the pattern, my doll is coming along very nicely. I was wondering what you meant by "binding the hands and feet"? Would you mind giving me an explanation of how to do this? Thanks!!


Thanks so much for the pattern, my doll is coming along very nicely! Could you give me a bit of a description about what you meant by "binding the hands and feet"? Thanks!


Your dolls are just adorable! I am totally intrigued and would love the pattern if you're still willing to share! Thanks!

Kelly Taylor

I would be so grateful for a pattern for a doll like these please! My daughter would be over the moon at Christmas :)



Your dolls are precious!Thank-you so much for sharing them with us!So glad to have found your site!!I am excited to make my first doll!I hope your pattern is still available to send.I would so very much appreciate it if you will.Many thanks to you,Shirley

Marilyn Jackson

I love these dolls. Please send me a pattern.


what is your e-mail? I need a doll pattern:)


please send me the doll body + arms pattern. MY e- mail is mwilkinson6@nc.rr.com


Please send me the pattern for your 16 inch Waldorf Doll.My grandson is turning three and I'd like to attempt to craft him one of these lovely dolls. Thank you.


Beautiful! Very easy to follow instructions. Would you please send me your doll body pattern? Thank you!

Christine Galbraith

Can i get a pattern that you have used for the tutorial. Thank you. Your dolls are so cute.


would u please email me the pattern ASAP!
thanks ur instructions are awesome!!!


wow this is really beautiful I would love if you emailed me the pattern too.. that would be awesome.

Roseanna  Bogley

Just lovely dolls! So soft and cuddly...


I would absolutely love to get this pattern from you!! Do you need a mailing address or just email?


As a doll collector myself I have to say these are very precious! Dolls are a great treasure and (I'm sure you'll agree) the best hobby ever!

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very usefull info... thanks!


Thanks for your instruction. I felt in love with sawing dolls for awhile. I'm sawing three dolls for my student in my class cause now I'm a training teacher.If don't mind,pls send dolls pattern to my emsil: kesineesiri@hotmail.com. Thanks for advance.


I would be very greatful if you would send me the patern for the little girl in the skirt and the pink top.
Many thanks,

Susanne Hansen

These dolls are so cute - my 2 daughters would love to cuddle with these :) I would love for you to mail me the pattern if that is possible?

Peg Palmer

Could I please have a copy of the body pattern for your Waldorf doll? I need to make a fairy doll for a niece. Peg Palmer
I'm a special education teacher grades 1-4. I thought my first graders might like them as reading buddies also.


I love your dolls. They are beautiful. I am wondering if you could e-mail me the pattern? Thank-you in advance.


Wow your dolls are gorgeous. I would love to make one for my daughter and would GREATLY appreciate a 16 inch doll pattern. Thanks.

Amanda S.

Hi again Simmy! I have made another doll from your fabulous instructions! I hope you will be able to see him. Also, for you and for your blog visitors....I have made a clothing pattern that fits your doll pattern! I hope you like it. :P

Amanda S.

Sorry I guess I should post the direct link to the clothing pattern!! Here it is:


Marguerite Helminiak

I am hooked on making small dolls.Would you please send me the pattern.

Raquel Pámanes

Hi! I´m from Mexico (sorry my english is not good)and I would like to make a doll to my 2 little girls.
Can you send me the pattern to do the doll.


Thank you soo much for this great post on how to make a waldorf doll... I've been wanting to make one for my daughter but haven't know where to start... I would love to have a copy of your pattern for the arms and legs/body if it's not too much to ask so that I can get started on my dolly asap...

Take Care :)


Your dolls are beautiful! Can you please send me the pattern of the Waldorf doll?

Sandra N. Golden

thanks for sharing this ... my granddaughter Gracie [a Waldorf student] and I will be making some Waldorf Dolls. I hope this gets to you, since I did not see an eMail address.
I would love to have the pattern.
Thank you,
Sandi Golden


I just love your dolls! How do you get that button nose so perfect?


What a fantastic tutorial it must have taken you ages!! Thanks so much for sharing! I have printed it out and filed it away ... but now could I please have the pattern?? I have to give this a try!!


Hello i love Waldorf Dolls but I haven't the pattern Could you send me this, I'll be very happy. By By Margarita



What a wonderful website. I ahve been looking for a suitable boy doll for my son who loves my daughter's dolls. May I have a copy of your pattern? I would love to try to make one myself.

Thanks Melissa


I love you so much I'm happy I received the Waldorf patterns thanks for all I'm so funny


I'm looking for "how to make woldorf dolls" in the internet, and eas very happt to meet your very good and helpfull tutorial. I will be very happy to have the pattern of the doll as you say in the tutorial ( I can give you a pattern if you don't have one - just e-mail me).
I wavt to thank you in advance,



oh my god these are so so dam CUTE

is it too late to ask for a pattern to these dolls


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Blogs are so interactive where we get lots of informative on any topics...... nice job keep it up !!


Awesome instructions! I saw your site referenced from ohdeedoh.com and very timely as I had just been researching this through google myself.
Do you think it's worth it for a beginner to get a kit to actually do this project? If so, are there any sites you would recommend? I just didn't know how readily available the supplies are.


The doll you have made with a felted body is incredible! It has such a nice feeling about it! Could you explain a bit more how you make that sort of bodies? Thank you for sharing your work!!

Angela Davenport

Do you still have the pattern for the 16 inch doll by any chance?


Very timely - I had been looking into this as a next project - thanks for all the detailed instructions!
I was wondering if you had advice for someone who has never made a doll regarding supplies. I have found some sites that sell kits - are there any you would recommend for either kits or supplies?


Hello. can you send for me pattern? i would be really happy! :)

mary locke

please send me your pattern.

Pat McCoy

I would love your pattern for your waldof dolls. My granddaughter would love to love up on it. Your dolls are really unique. I love dolls myself and still have a few from long ago, and I really think they would be treasured.

Alice Googe

Your dolls are lovely and have inspired me to make some Waldorf dolls. I've made other kinds in the past but the Waldorf dolls just have that wonderful "hug me" look to them. Thank you so much for sharing these instructions. I would like a pattern. Thank you again.

Katherine Caine-Pollock

they are beautiful. May I get the pattern for the body


I need a pattern for the arms, legs and body.


do you have a few different sized patterns you could share? i am making a special doll for my niece and using her blankie as the clothes so she can have a keepsake of it. would you mind sharing some tips with me? thanks so much!


you make the dolls sound so easy. I think I'll try one do you use regular tights for the under head.


Je suis entrain de coudre ma 1ère poupée d'inspiration STEINER-WALDORF grâce à un kit de la boutique MAROTTE et CIE et j'en profite pour te remercier pour toutes les infos que j'ai trouvé sur ton blog qui m'ont bien aidé pour coudre ce poupon. Il me reste la phase habillage mais celle ci c'est la plus simple !
J'avoue que cela m'a énormément plu de fabriquer cette poupée pour ma petite fille CARLA qui va avoir 3 ans !

nadia grace

i simply cannot wait for the pattern... want to make my lil chickies a doll each for christmas... how long approx. do you think that it will take an absolute beginner to finish one doll???


i would LOVE the pattern for the doll i have a daughter that i want to make a special doll for & i think this is just the right doll :) thanks so much for taking the time to post this tutorial, i really appreciate it ... chrystal ~ chrystal.monte@yahoo.com


good morning,
I like to come on your blog and I like to work a doll in my turn. you can forward me by e-mail the boss of the body of the doll (you offer it to us in your article). I am going to make it for my daughter for Christmas. thanks a lot, warmly,


PS:I am French, am grieved if my English is not very good!!


Thanks for the instructions for this lovely doll. Please send me the pattern please.
Thanks! :)


Hi, I just found this website and it's truly fascinating. I would like to make one of the dolls for my 4 year old granddaughter. The dolls are just adorable. Is there anyway you could send me a pattern for the body? I would really appreciate it. Thank you!




love the little dolls. such great work.
would love to get the pattern for the 12 and 16 inch doll. thanks so much for sharing.

janu  thapamagar

i..............just loved this one step of making dolls and thanks for proving the guide line for the learner like me.Thanks alot ................................................................................................................


thanks for the tutorial. in there you said to email you for the pattern, would you please email me the pattern :)


cute little dolls! it is so easy and they sell them for $60 at the school fair!
10 years of age.

Yael (Alma7)

Thank you so much for the update!
I was one of the 200 to which you sent a pattern, and the dolls turned out great!


hi...thank you for posting your instructions on making one..could you kindly email me the pattern! thanks so much i appreciate it! inspiring..i'm going to try making them for my 3 girls!

Savannah Skinner

THANK YOU!! Your advice is completely invaluable!!! Im so glad I didnt spend a fortune on a kit now! you have made my little girls 2nd birthday dreams come true!!

Kate Hull

oh what lovely dolls! i too would love your pattern as i have made a few and the arms and legs are always way too small or waaaaay too big!


Hi, I was searching for a Waldolf doll pattern and found your site with a very valuable instructions. May I have a pattern please? I grew up with a very similar doll and I would like my daughter to have one. Thank you. Regards, Michelle


Hello, your dolls are gorgeous!!! I have a 5 year old that I would love to try and make one for...could you please send me your pattern...Thanks so much!!!


Congratulations for your dolls!
I am Luciana. I'm learning to do dolls. if you could, I would like to learN with you how to do the waldorf. Could you send me doll patterns? I am doing some doll to my daugthers and to my job too. i work in a school.
thank you


I love your dolls. I am going to try this. Can you send me a pattern for a 16 inch doll? THank you so much?

Flower Girl

My daughter has one of these dolls and loves it.

Stephania Fregosi

Hi. I would love a pattern for a 16" waldorf doll, if you don't mind too much. Great tutorial!


The dolls are so beautiful, I feel inspired.

My little niece is anglo- chinese and I would love here to have a baby doll that looks like her. could you let me have a copy of the pattern. Where can I find suitable materials?

Whispering Oaks

These dolls are beautiful!


Hi, I was wondering If you could email me the pattern for the Waldorf doll. That would be awesome! thanks!

Madison Matthews


I would love a copy of the pattern if you would be so kind as to email it to me
i thank you so very much
can wait to make me a doll
they are very special
thanks again


Hello I googled Waldorf dolls and found your blog. My daughter is starting a Waldorf school, can you email the pattern and how to attach the hair?

Katie v

Please may I have a pattern for a waldorf doll. They are so pretty - I'd like to make one for my grandaughter Thank you


hi! thanks so much for the guide! i made one out of a sock!


Thank you so much for generously sharing your knowledge and pattern. Merry Christmas!

debbi wheeler

i would really appriciate you emailing me the 16 inch doll pattern. I have just recently found these dolls and would love to make some for my grandaughters thanks

Gerda Grobler

I would love to make a Waldorf doll for myself. I am in South Africa and want to know if you can email me the body pattern for a doll. I know now how to make the head but not the body.
I hope you can help me.


I'd LoVEeeee if you could send me a pattern for the body/doll! I'm new to Waldorf dolls..I've actually been "hooked" for about a year.. And would love to make one for my daughter! I've searched around to find a "kit" but haven't had much luck! If you can I'd love the pattern! My
Email is okalilao@aol.com. I couldn't find your email on The page. I'm also new to your blog.. LOVE!! I have a feeling this will be at the very top of my favs!! Thanks for posting such wonderful items & ideas!! Bless you!
Mother to Kalila .. the doll loving princess gymnastic! (age3)

Nicole Barrett

I am wondering what to buy for hair to make it look like the boy doll with the blue sweater and green pants. I love that doll. Looks just like my son.


Hi there,

Just discovered your site- and what a treat!! Your dolls are absolutely gorgeous. I would love to be able to make one but I know my limitations ;) Would just like to thank you for your generosity in sharing such detailed instructions. Best wishes and good luck with everything.


I absolutely love your dolls. I can't wait to try and make my own doll for my little sweetie. Could you email me the pattern? That would be wonderful! Thanks so much.


Your dolls are fabulous! I am looking to make clothes for my god-daughters Waldorf. Her mom is making the doll. Can you tell me what the measurements are in the bust, waist, and hips for a 16 inch doll?
I appreciate your help. Thanks for sharing.

The Monko

I used your wonderful instructions to make my own doll. Thanks so much. Here is how it turned out http://tamingthegoblin.blogspot.com/2011/12/waldorf-doll.html?utm_source=BP_recent

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