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I really love this gnome - even more than the walnut one. What a gorgeous colour. The scarf is lovely too - looks fine as it is to me. As for Amber's bolero - that is just beautiful.

stephanie s

i love the scarf.... great job!


The scarf is wonderful Simmy - amazing colour. It looks great with Amber's bolero (nice trim on it too).

And the purple gnome just made me laugh. You staged him to perfection with his little chinese lantern. He has very knowing eyes.


Another gorgeous gnome. I would leave the scarf alone, it looks good as it is. Two 50g balls of wool is enough to make a hot water bottle cover and you could crochet some flwers to decorate it.


I do love your gnomes.


I think the scarf is gorgeous as it is now. And the gnome is so cute :)


Leave the scarf excactly how it is, it's wonderful and that gnombe how original.


oh I just love that scarf!! Such lovely modeling photos too.. that green is too great!

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