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I've just done a search for comic boards on Ebay and found a few UK listings. Good luck with sorting your stash.


what a marvelous idea!! I'm going to do my fabric like that too!!!

You've completely inspired me. :-D


Looked at the site with the organizing idea and the fabrics arranged that way look so satisfying and appealing. Should think it will be very inspiring for you to see all your fabrics colour coded . Either that or it will look so pretty that you won't want to disturb it!


what a truly inspiring post! would you tell me more about the thread organizer? *bambie eyes*


The books sound great. How is the organising going. I bet it looks so good you won't want to touch it. I love the organising and making it all look wonderful but then as soon as I start making things I make a horrible mess again and I can't even blame the children.


The yarn patterns books in your last post looked great - what a find! And I love this idea of organising the stash so much I am off to ebay now, though goodness knows what they might be called here in Australia. I also wonder how good they will be for larger pieces of fabric?


Umm - your before picture looks pretty good compared to what I've got going on here. Good luck with the organizing


Good luck with the organising!

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