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Candy Minx

That is a cool revelation...what else do you dow he you leave the house, extra cup of tea or coffee? Maybe just the fresh air gets you going and then glad to get back home?

Even though you may miss your hubby this next few days, I hope you so something special, liek a spa glamourous time at home...extra soak in the bubble bath or something. Eat some food Tom doesn't enjoy as much as you do kind of idea, or rent a film you secretly wanted to see! Make a treat for your self girl!

Good luck with all your projects and that is a wondeerful vegetable and tanktop your children accomplished!


All I do is prioritize everything that need to be done by date on a master list and post it on the frig. Then I make mini lists for the actual day that I bring along with me. If I happen to lose it I have the master list to retrace to. Hope that helps a bit. Has for your son's pumpkin, the fellow next door asked me and I told him to make a liquid compost consisting of comfrey leaves and to feed it to the pumpkin. Also removing some leaves and any other small pumpkins that might be on the vine would help. Here is one of the websites that explains in detail how to grow a giant Atlantic Pumpkin. http://www.backyardgardener.com/secert.html#Mounding
My daughter grew one years ago that was about fifty pounds. I'll try to find the picture and post it on Flickr. Hope is of some help to him.



I make lists...I lose lists. Try a chalk board in the kitchen and rub off a project when it's completed. But I ditto the commenter who sad prioritise. Also, I'm just like you re: mornings. If I walk my eldest to school I get more done in the day.

(Simmy, if things get really out of control, sit on the stairs muttering bl**dy b*ggers to yourself repeatedly...it works for me!)


My nephews grew a 95 lb pumpkin feeding it milk. I think they did it as exactly described in Farmer Boy, but I'll write to my sister and get back to you.


It all seems to be about crisis management here at the moment - I daren't even write the list because it's so overwhelming. I seem to run around like a headless chicken and never actually get anything FINISHED. I actually feel more stressed than I did in the summer with the children at home all day. I suppose this is because my expectations are higher, with littlest at preschool 3 mornings a week.
I think less computer fixation would probably help! If you find the answer, let me know won't you?

prairie mouse

rohan, fantastic pumpkin! i must try and grow some this year. i was fascinated by the milk feeding in farmer boy. can't wait to see how it goes. and amber, well done, you have done a beautiful job!
simmy as far as being any help on being organised, i am lucky to get my children out the door, fed, clean and with their school bags in the mornings!


i for my part LOVE lists. I not only love them, i don't function without them. to-do lists, wish-lists, present lists, idea lists, book lists....lala. fun! and they help me to organize myself. i write longterm lists and short term lists. lists for a particular day, when i need to get things done that are important or when things are just too much. then i write down every single pices, even laundry and stuff, just because it feels good to cross out the things i have done. and to see at the end of the day that i actually did something.
and no, i don't plan art time or study time or knitting time. i just do it whenever i feel a muse coming. otherwise i would run crazy. most of the time i do 3 things at once. means when some paint is drying i do laundry etc etc. lately i started to knit tiny bits on my projects before breakfast when i wait for my daughter to wake up. or when i wait for her to finish her breakfast. all those little breaks inbetween.

btw, i got your parcel today. thank you soo much for all the goodies and the thread organizer. i will do that as soon as i find some free moment.
good luck on getting things done. it seems you have many plans.


I love the gnome. Making lists is fun and crossing things off lists is very exciting, it's the bit in between that can be tricky. I have found that rather than give myself goals to get a certain thing done in a certain time I work for a set time period such as 45mins or an hour and I have to keep going for the whole time and not get sidetracked. Time goals rather than project goals seems to work for me. Also breaking things up into smaller steps seems to satisfy my need to be constantly starting something new. I don't know if that's any help. Good luck. Jenny


well I blame it on the winter's blues. The nights are drawing in so the days feel shorter and the time available less and less. Plus yes, the children might be at school... but hey, uniforms to wash/iron, lunches, hobbies afterschool, not to mention homework. In actual fact I don't think it's any 'easier'. Just different. I try to do one thing a day. I'm still stressed, but at least I've achieved something!


I watched aprogramme the other day and they were feeding the pumpkins and squashes beer.

Amber your tank top is brilliant.

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