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The main ingredients are a short crust pastry, pumpkin puree, double cream, eggs, brown sugar, vanilla and cinnamon. I think you're better off roasting the pumpkin to get the puree rather than boiling it.

It's a good pie, but not a patch on pecan pie. Have a go, I bet you'd like it. Very seasonal!

Americans will have more info than me, but I hope this helps!


Ditto the 'hang in there for American backup' comment, but personally I feel pumpkin pie is more suited to tinned pumpkin than fresh.

A good pumpkin soup on the other hand always hits the mark for me. Roast it first for extra flavour.

And have you thought about roasting the seeds - take them with a bit of stringy pulp clinging on and toss with lots of salt, chopped rosemary and some olive oil. Then spread on a baking sheet and pop in the oven - about 10 mins at 180 usually does the trick, until you can crack the shells open with your teeth and nibble the seeds. If they go brown, they're overdone and tend to be too brittle to get the seeds out.


I've only made pumpkin pie using tinned pumpkin before and I liked it, although I agree with plainandsimple it's not a patch on pecan pie. Because the pumpkin doesn't have much flavour the pie tastes more of what you add to it ie: cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger.

I would eat it hot and with ice cream. Here is a basic recipe:



Simmy, the pumpkin pie recipe I use is very similar to the martha stewart one caroline posted. It's nice, you won't regret making it.

Don't forget that you can roast pumpkin too and it makes the most delicious accompaniment to roast chicken or other meats. Pumpkin fritters are also great. If you plan to make it into soup or pie, try cooking the pumpkin in the pressure cooker first - lots less fuss.

You can also freeze the cooked pulp and use it for things like soup later on.


What a great few posts! I have never made pumpkin pie but last year I made Lemon Iced Pumpkin Slices, which were totally amazing! It is a bit like a carrot cake and is an Ainsley Harriet recipe. If you don't have his Friends & Family book let me know and I will send the recipe. It also doesn't use too much pumpkin so you could easily make these and a pie!

stephanie s

i have never made pumpkin pie from a fresh pumpkin - generally the pulp is too moist. also, the pumpkins better used for pie are called 'sugar pie' pumpkins around here. i would roast the pumpkin too and use it for soups and more savory dishes... just what raj is hoping to hear, i am sure. now, if you want to try a pumpkin pie recipe i have got a killer one, not those flat cracked things that some pass off as pie, but one layered with whipped cream with pecans sprinkled on top. it is SPECTACULAR!!!! i am not sure i can wait for thankgiving to have it...


the chutney recipe is bookmarked and i will go and hunt for the ingredients on our weekly market on wednesday.
as for pumpkin recipes i'll send you two or three of my favourites. just give me a little time to translate them. one is a pumpkin-chocolate cake, one is for muffins and one for pumpkin-cocnut soup.
is it a pumpkin sort that you can eat with its skin? you can slice it into pieces and place it on a baking try. add some olive oil, slat and pepper and bake it in the oven until soft (like potatoe slices). that's very yummie especially when served with a fresh salad and joghurt. and so easy!


No help with the pumpkin pie I'm afraid but just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading the poem by W H Davies, it's one I love and the words are so true. Sorry to hear about Raj, hope he will be better soon. I confess I've never heard of SlapCheek so don't really know what it is.


I have only once before used "real" pumpkin to make a pie. We roasted it first, then seperated all the stringy bits, before making a "mush". It was very messy, took ages and ages but I must admit did taste much better than the canned stuff. Once you have the puree, just google to find a recipe. I did use a special pumpkin tho - a sugar pumkin that is sold here in the US as the pie making variety - am not sure how other pumpkins would compare taste wise. Roasted seeds with spices of your choice are great too.


You already have several good suggestions for the pumpkin. We love roasted pumpkin seeds here at our house. We only make our pies from canned pumpkin I'm afraid. I would vote for a nice hearty pumpkin soup.
Have the chutney recipe all printed out and plan to try it this weekend. We love all kinds of chutneys. Had to google the terms Sultanas and mace though to see what that was. Now I'm ready.
What's slapcheek?



I love pumpkin everything.

You can steam the cubed pumpkin, skin on. When done, it is fork tender and the skin just falls off easily. Once you've done this, puree just quickly in the blender or processor, and voila! You have pupmkin puree ready to freeze, or use immediately.

Uses for this golden and delicious puree?

Pumpkin cheesecake, muffins, soup, and of course pie.

The internet has a wealth of recipes and I think you'll just love the pie it makes. My recipe calls for a can of evaporated milk, eggs, sugar, cinnamon, ginger.. very simple but delicious. You have got to serve it with whipped cream for best results though.

(I did sweet potato pie for the first time last Christmas instead of pumpkin though, and it was absolutely divine!)

Have fun!


ps.. I loved the poem so much.


With the size of that pumpkin you will be able to make everybodies recipes and do a taste comparison test. My husband sometimes makes pumpkin pie because his dad used to make it. I was never very impressed with it mainly because I have always thought of pumpkins as a savoury dish. Pumpkins scones are popular with some Australians.The scones are quite a pretty colour. I guess if you have a glut of anything in the garden you can come up with some unusual solutions.


We eat roast pumpkin frequently and it is a great favourite with the whole family. I find steamed or boiled pumpkin tasteless, but this is great. I often par cook it first (shows my lack of planning around evening meals) then toss chunks in olive oil with potato chunks, small onions and garlic cloves, salt, papper, and sometimes rosemary. Bake until the potato is crispy and the pumpkin in beginning to blacken around the edges (this shows it has begun to caramelise which is the really yummy bit).

Slapped cheek is also known as Parvo virus and is pretty harmless to kids but a danger to pregnant women, so try and keep Raj away from them!


Plain and simple has the right idea--definitely roast the pumpkin and then puree it, but don't strain it. My favorite pumpkin pie recipe is Martha Stewart's Brown Sugar Pumpkin Pie that is quite different from the one in the link sent to you by Caroline. I'll gladly scan in the recipe I use if you like. Pumpkin pie IS worth every effort.

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