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What?! You mean all you adorable ladies, all proper and dainty in your "pinnies", DON'T use handknit dishcloths. I just assumed... :-)

I admit to a good deal of my dishcloth stash being handknit or crocheted.

However, I disagree about getting 2 dishcloths from one small ball of cotton yarn. That is, unless you prefer coaster sized cloths.

The problem with knitted dishcloths is that the cotton yarn shrinks quite a bit. If you knit a square it will be a rectangle after it's washed. You have to knit many rows beyond having made a square if you ever hope to have a square dishcloth after shrinkage.

I use almost the entire 2oz ball for one dishcloth.

Bernat makes 2 types of cotton yarn, too.

I just bought a 12oz skein of this yesterday (in "pretty pastels")

They also have a "baby" variety that is super soft and has a nice texture to it.

Lots of patterns on their site too :-D

stephanie s

you are certainly no plain jane!!!! looking forward to your thoughts on using a dishcloth...


That dishcloth is pretty enough to wear! I'm a knitter and knew it was one of THE things to knit in the US but have never tried. Having seen yours I think I'll get some cotton and give it a go. I'll follow the links tomorrow - I've had a long day at the village show and I'm shattered.


That is the fanciest dish cloth I have ever seen...I use old terry napppies cut into strips...hmm, I've got some Debbie Bliss cotton left over from the DH's plain knit. Perhaps I'll get busy. One must keep up with one's blogpals don't ya know!


I just wanted to let you know that the ballband dishcloth is actually found on some of the ballbands of Peaches and Creme(I guess that is why they call it that). So hopefully with your order you will receive one. There is no picture or anything but it is the same.

Although you may still want to get the book eventually, there is so much great stuff in there. It is one of my new favorites.


I'm not a great knitter and can never see me being converted to knitting a dishcloth. I do however, look forward to seeing all those wonderful little dishclothes you are going to make for presents. What a great idea simmy :)


Hey - here is the Ballband Dishcloth pattern on the internet... So you don't have to go out and buy the book!
It's the Textured Slip Stitch Dishcloth at


Here is a site with links to a lot of dishcloth patterns:

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