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What a result!I think I'll have to get me some!


Like Kristy I think I'll have to get some of those boards - the result is fantastic.


I am so impressed. When I tidied my fabric stash last year I showed my mum and auntie and they just laughed and shook their heads. I still don't know what the joke was, they were supposed to be impressed.


Yeh! It looks wonderful.


You did a great job sorting it all out. Now you will have some space to be creative. That is what I discovered when I started sorting out my "studio" and stash this summer. I can actually find things now.

On another subject, "women's work"... is a great book. I discovered it a few years ago and was amazed by her research and stories. enjoy.


It looks great! I will definitely have to put that fabric sorting idea on my to do list. Its so good to be able to see at first glance all the different fabrics. Well done you!


Wow, this kind of organisation puts me to shame. You've inspired me to *think* about tidying my stash cupboard...I said *think*..not *do*...I've got to get psyched up for that!


Very nice! I'm still working my way through my fabric stash. I've got a ways to go.

Your pinboard came out great!!

Candy Minx

Wow what a make over and what an interesting blog....I can't even figure out or remember how I found this just now, but great stuff!

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