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plain and simple

Hi There!

Thanks for visiting my blog. you've got me itching to start dyeing. I haven't done it (with natural dyes) since I was a teenager. Do you use a mordent or just some salt? Do you grow woad (sp??)? If you do where did you find the seeds because I cannot find them anywhere! I like your blog by the way. Re~ entering village shows, I'm considering joining the WI...all jam and Jerusalem...it will suit me I'm sure now that I'm such a young fogey!

stephanie s

oh good, so glad to see you spent some time in the hammock. sounds like a perfect day, isn't it nice how some hours of the day can go so slowly and some fly by? glad the clock moved slow for you yesterday.


Oh your kitchen looks fantastic. Glad you had a brilliant day.


Oh, you're kitchen is a thing of beauty! I love your AGA. I love to dye fleece and roving, but my kitchen it too small, so I have a burner in the garage and really only can do one pot at a time. I really love how marigold dyes the wool. I haven't done the dying in a long time - now I think I might just have to do some again...I love to spin too - it's hard to find other people around my area who spin or weave or anything. I did some spinning the other day and it's so relaxing - I really need to get back into it all! Love your blog!


No, definitely not crazy! I feel the same way about relaxing by doing - there's nothing more satisfying than feeling like the list has been conquered. Sounds like a great day.


sounds like a truly lovely day. Your kitchen is wonderful!


I LOVE your kitchen. Thank you for the how-to-dye info. Have you ever tried dyeing with mushrooms? I like to hunt for mushrooms and sometimes come across dyers (sp?) polypore. If I had about ten more hours a day I'd be doing all that fun stuff with wool. :)

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