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It would have to be a combination of craft, chocolate and maybe a video.

Enjoy your time!

stephanie s

i would take some craft books, sit outside and page through them looking for inspriation while the birds sing. maybe sneek in a little nap too... didn't i see a hammock in one of your photos way back when?


What bliss! Hmmm its a toughy, I long for some me time right now and as I'm pregnant and grumpy I would probably opt for the lay around, watch a movie, have nice food option, whilst dreaming of a house tidy fairy that would come along and tidy everything for me. But I would get some pleasurable crafting in if I were you. Enjoy your time out - you deserve it!


Please please tell me you didn't use it to do housework. Kid free time is way too precious for that.

I am trying to sell housework to my kids as a form of entertainment - it's not really working, but at least they get so bored they go off to play rather than bugging me - result!!

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