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So many beautiful colours. You are tempting me to have a try myself. I fear though that it may be addictive and I have so many other things to do. Perhaps I'll wait until our long summer holidays after Christmas.Have a happy holiday.


I love the green colour - it's mermaid green! I also love the walnut and madder, it's the colour of my sisters hair (grr!). I've bought some alum and as I'm having a complete elderberry fetish at the moment I'm going to try dyeing with them. Judging by the colout of my dish cloth when I cleaned up after the jam I think it will make a good, strong blue. Have a good time in Wales with your family!


oh what gorgeous colours - I love the madder with citric acid.


Oh these colors are fantastic!!!
I hope you have a fantastic time in Wales.


The green and the yellow are absolutely wonderful. Actually, I love them all, what beautiful colors.


Wow. Very inspiring! I can't wait to see it knitted up!!


oooh, those are really heavenly. inspiring!


So far I haven't had the wherewithal to try indigo, but you have me impatient to get my act together. Thanks!


Wow, you are so inspiring!

As to what to do with it all ... there is always socks, hats and scarves, mittens, etc. Even children who won't wear handknitted jumpers will often wear hats.

Or you could sell the dyed skeins through your blog, or offer swaps, or knit the skeins up and then sell/swap them. Lots of ideas! I think they're beautiful.


these colors are amazing!!

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