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Still here just too many beautiful blogs to leave comments!I realy like the whole head much bigger than the body look!I think body version 2 with face version 2 would look lovely.


Were off to the gower camping later this summer. I just love it down there.


*waving hello*

I think the kitty is very sweet, though I have the same problem with wanting to fix and fix and fix. LOL

stephanie s

checking and and saying hello - have a great trip, hope the weather is hot.


The kitty is v. cute in each of her incarnations! Just seen on the telly the weather this week is going to be fab so you will get loads of reading done. The Meera Sayal is good.


It is one of the challenges of the whole Japanese aesthetic I think as the patterns generally don't conform to any regular proportional arrangement. I tend to finish things and then decide - many times I have been tempted to meddle halfway but on copmpletion have been won over. But really it depends on whether you wan to reproduce what the book or pattern is creating or whether you are using the pattern for inspiration only. No ruiles!


That happens to me sometimes too. I try and save, save, save, but even then sometimes I lose things. I can never seem to write as well on the second go round. I too struggle with Japanese patterns. I like the change in both both kitties, you really have a knack for making faces. I owe you a letter... I hope your trip is wonderful, and you come back rested and full of ideas.


i think the body looks fine, once you get the arms and legs on i am sure you will be happy with her. i do notice tho that their dress is lower on the neck. so maybe that is what is causing you grief. your neck isnt as long as theirs....


oh i forgot to mention about the faces...i like number 1 and also the outfit on number 1, ok, just send her to me!!!!!!!!!!!teehee

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