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Oh the jam just looks wonderful! I should be ashamed to be so lazy, I have not wanted to work so hard this year, though I should be making some too. I'll do blackberry jam when they are ready. Promise :) I am like yo, I love seeing what everyone is doing with this season's goodness.

(And oh how I hate hearing about people in internet land having to fork out wads of dough for a few berries, when the darn raspberries in our garden are making me crazy having to pick everyday. I can't possibly keep up, and I HATE to see them falling on the ground..) I wish I could tele-port you here, I'd give you a pail and tell you to pick, pick, pick!


What a wonderful summer-y thing to do, putting up raspberries to enjoy the rest of the year. I only wish I had an aga to cook upon, instead of my boring old electric. I'm sure it makes the jam taste that much better!

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