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it is all so wonderful but i love the colour of the indigo fleece the best, and that mottled piece of felt at the end. you must have had the best day!
i can't even e mail from the laptop as it is set up for work which is a different ph co. still i am getting heaps done (isn't that terrible!)
and i will call.
watch the post (mail that is!)


I really love seeing the process of dyeing wool. I've never really tried it (on a large scale) myself, but have wanted to for ages. Your post has inspired me to start thinking about it again. Love all the muted colors, even the ones that didn't take well, seem just fine to me.


Hello, thanks for your comment on my blog (the Steiner ed. post). As you can see I've followed you and am now perusing your wonderful blog. I have wanted to try natural dyeing for ages now so thank you for your post about this. I'm definitely inspired. So far I've only used Procion dyes, but want to get some natural hues ...

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