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Dear Simmy,
hope that you´re feeling better now, with your mum recovering and your sister being there for backup...use all the help and emaotional support you can get! i hope your mum will soon feel better.
different topic (even if it´s late): what beautiful presents Rohan got for his b-day... so lovingly chosen! i hope he has a great year ahead!

all the best to you and your family!



Hope Rohan is enjoying his birthday gifts. The camping party sounded fun! He looks such a lovely boy who I am sure you are really proud of. Praying for you and your mum...

prairie mouse

oh goodie, i'll be able to see the bag, it looks great!


Hi Simmy --
I have been so out of the loop lately, though not in an unhappy kind of way, just very busy and tired and not getting a terrible lot of things done. I can't imagine how hard it must be to cope with so much at once. Big hugs to you and happy birthday to the big boy!


Just surfed on over here for the first time and am glad I did. Elderflower cordial sounds just divine. I think your bag looks great, even if it has its faults. I wouldn't have the patience for such a thing myself!


Gorgeous bag - I love it! I hate it when things felt unevenly - so annoying for you after all that work! :-( Hope it all turns out after some rub a dub dub.


well done for sharing the recepie. I love elderflower cordial, but I've never made any, can't wait.

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