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I've finally gotten on the computer for the first time in days, my days are hectic right now and I've no time - but.. I just had to say, I just adore your little softies. The kitten is so cute and you're right the giraffe looks soooo soft. Just wonderful!
Okay, gotta run!


I was so happy to see the pictures on flicker this morning. It was like a little sign, crisis over, getting back to normal. You have more than earned a little down time and a chance for some creativity.


Awwweee your creations are adorable! im going to go check out your shop!


I'm so glad the crisis is over for you. I'm sure you shouldn't worry about your actions under such conditions. Your sister does sound amazing and if she is like you say I'm sure she totally understands and probably doesn't even look at the situation the same, just as your hubby mentioned.

Your cat is adorable! Take time to enjoy life especially after such a troubling time and just create beautiful things and rest. You may not think you did as much as your sister, but it was your house everyone was at and I'm sure you did a lot to make everything run smooth so your sis could help your mom. You're a good daughter! And a GOOD sis!


Hey Amber that's cool, wish I could make on of those! Loving you bunny too!


sorry kitty, not bunny!!


These are adorable : )

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