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Your mother is lucky to have such supportive daughters. Not to diminish anything your sister did , but because she came from such a distance and did not have to worry about the countless details of day to day life(you did all that) she was able to care for your mother. She sounds likes a wonderful person and even if you didn't get to do anything "special' together I'm sure in years to come you both will cherish the time you spent together caring for your mother.


How wonderful that your sister was able to make the trip, and how lucky for you each to have the other. I am glad your mother is doing better too.


It's taken me a while to catch up on your happenings, and I think this is a wonderful post Simmy. So much of the everyday stuff of life involves short tempers and irritability and wishing for what we don't have. And it's really easy to judge ourselves for it. But the moments that really count - that you and your sister will remember are the ones written here. The ones where you say thank you and I'm sorry. Sometimes recognising someone else's contribution and asking for forgiveness is a much greater gift than taking the burden from them. I hope your sister feels that way too and you can all go on and be happy within the limiations of who you are.

Imran Bashir

I have only brisked over you literature but from what i have read i have thoroughly enjoyed it. May god bless you, you do asian people justice.

My father has been here in the uk for a long time too (infact since the 1958). And i have always wondered if i should write a book on his travels, he has even been bak to Sialkot, which is a district in pakistan (close to the indian border), by road. Yes by road, whats more amazing is that he has been by road three times. my website will be up shortly.

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