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You're right supermarkets are killing greengrocers off!I am lucky that my hubby is in the wholesale friut and veg trade so all ours is for free:)I love the smell of guavas too but the smell of mangoes make me feel ill(we have to eat them quick!)Great idea about the pattern.
p.s. I haven't forgotten about the childhood favs!


I would just love it if you put a copy of the pattern on your blog. Lovely fruit, looks delicious!


Love the hen... hope your mum is feeling better - what a meany hopsital only letting you in for such a short time :(... nice fruit but i don't think i have ever eaten guavas but i hated quinces so i don't think i'll bother... i'll stick to bananas :)


You've stirred my "sweet" memory of a house that I lived in, in Santa Cruz, that had large Pineapple Guava bushes outside of the front door. It was a heavenly aroma to come home to; and they were sooo yummy!


Hi Simmy! I'm economizing on the blog comments, as really this should be two -- the chicks in today's post look lovely and will be so much fun. I'm fantasizing about chickens in our garage, but know it won't happen. Britain is much different from Canada, I guess. Your comments about the fruit reminded me of flying from Bombay in a British Airways jet full of people carrying trays of mangoes on their laps. Something else that wouldn't happen in Canada because of our nasty laws that require much red tape in order to import fruit and just about any other food product that isn't commercially packaged. You can bring in jam, but not homemade jam. I have forgot and brought in spices from Morocco several times, though honestly only because I hadn't quite finished them and they were so light and tiny that they got thrown in with the kitchen implements. And then there was the time (before 9/11 in fact)that they took apart my immersion blender, suspecting, I imagine, that it was not an immersion blender. Did you see my house picture? They are working on the front today.


Oh my, that's a long comment!

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