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What are the dyed blankets for? More felt projects? I keep thinking about dyeing/decorating an old blanket that we have in university colors for a football (American football) blanket/banner. It is quite beautiful in my imagination, but I can't quite bring myself to do it. Best wishes to your mum for a speedy recovery. Take care.


Loving that felt work. Some wool is indeed coated - with silicone. In Australia you can often pick these by machine washable wool labels. Sometimes not. There are also shorter fibres in some wools, as the wool is actually recycled! Sometimes you can pick these by the pure wool labels (as opposed to pure new wool), often the case for jumpers from China. Shorter fibres take more to felt. The tumble dryer helps the process along. I have also been extremely surprised to find some parts of a jumper felt more than others - sleeves are soemtimes more felting resistant - perhaps because they get more use and wear and tear? I have resorted more than once to washing once or twice and then cutting it up to rewash the sleeves. It's a very inexact science!!


sorry to hear about your mother. I pray that she would have a speedy recovery. I thought I was the only family to use hot water bottles, but you do too!! We don't have central heating, just wood burning stoves in our two lounges, no other heating source in the rest of the house. Therefore welsh wollen blankets and hot water blankets are a must in our house.

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