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That is just the best fabric ever fir a goose, the pattern is just like feathers. I'm glad your feeling a bit better. In the childrens last school I was one of a few mothers who seemed to do everything. Then when are children changed schools, where there was a huge comitee of parents doing stuff I decided not to volunteer my services. It's wonderful to enjoy stuff at school like fetes, and not being stuck behind a stall while the rest of the family have the fun. Sometimes it's really good to say no.


Your goose is adorable! I love her. She looks happy. I've started my little email to you a few times but things keep calling me -- mostly baby and husband. But both are out this morning. What I wanted to say is that I think the domestic drudgery unhappiness gets me too sometimes, even though I have a job that I love outside the house. I wish I knew what to do about it, but I'm thinking more and more that it's just a staging point for random anxiety. For me, anyway, unhappiness about cooking is always about feeling that I'm not having enough fun, or time with friends, or sleep. Also, I will have to chat with you about henna sometime. There are a lot of similarities between Moroccan and Indian traditions; I wonder if the "new" traditions are the same too. And the parents' library sounds like such a wonderful idea. I think we need one here. The GBS quote is a favorite of mine. I thoroughly agree. Yes to more, just more and more and more life. Big hugs from my side of the ocean.

susan sobon

i love your goose. where did you find the pattern, is it vintage?

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