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I have lots that I want to write, but I hear Peter has just woke up and I have to run. Will be back on Monday!


I don't work either, I used to and I wondered how we'd manage without the money, but you just do, priorities change, for me for the better. My mother in law lived with us for about six years, she baked for us constantly. It was only when she passed away that I realised all that she did for us.My sister in law has a vegtable patch in our garden, and she walks our dog often and often bakes for us. I love having extended family with us daily and would find it difficult not having my family close by. Feel free to rant when ever you need too. I often think a womens role is not defined as it used to be and personally find so much choice in life just complicates things.


I completely understand how you feel. I spend alot of time cooking,feeding,washing,shopping for food.It's difficult to take pleasure in this when society and the government expect women to be homemakers and also to have a career.If you work you feel guilty and if you don't work it's hard to find time for your own interests and personal growth.
What's a gal to do?


i really think most women feel this conflict at one time or another or all the time! it's a wonderful thing to have a family to care for but also important to do things for yourself. it's hard when children are small, but the burden of constant care-giving lessons as they get older. it's also nice when they learn to cook and other things so teach them to help share the work load and when they are grown they will be well-prepared for life and self-sufficient and you will have done your job as mother well. when that day comes, however, you may find yourself wishing they were still little babies...oh we are never happy! enjoy this time.


...and i forgot to add, that i should be in the kitchen right now getting dinner ready, and here i sit, reading blogs!


I am so with you! How much our happiness is ruled by our expectations! I love cooking with a passion, but I hate that I am required to do it all the time, no matter how I feel. I never expected my life to be so dominated by other people's needs and the expectation that I should be meetng them. I never thought being a woman or a mother would make me a 'housewife', but here I am. Cooking, cleaning, shopping and making everyone happy. If I expected my life to be like this, I would no doubt have been happier right now, but I don't know about the longer term...

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