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I also put off having a blog, then when I decided to and saw some of the amazing craftswomen online I was intimidated. I am easing into it. I love yours.The layout is clean and I love your booklists. I'm one of those people that always like to have a peek at ones bookshelves to see what they are really like. Your crochet flowers are beautiful. I can't knit or crochet and I feel a little left out. I also love the idea of being able to have a project you can carry along.One of these days I'll have to try.



Going through your archives for more inspiration (like I don't have my hands full enough already) and came across this post on your nature table. All I can say is 'Oh, how absolutely LOVELY. REALLY.'We recently acquired a nature table but I'm embarrassed to say that all it's had on it lately are two (frozen) dead birds (don't ask) which could no longer really be described as lovely. Yet another wonderful idea to 'borrow' from you :)

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