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Lucy Locket-Pocket

Good luck with the craft fair Simmy! That bag is stunning and the brownies look really delicious! Hope they set you up for selling! Lucy x


Simmy your stall will look absolutely majestic. I wish I was there. I love the babies and the hearts and the wool and the brooches and angels and everything! I would also like to tuck into those brownies!


Everything looks so inviting!! It would be one booth i would have a lot of fun looking around in...good luck with the next one! :) cheers:)


Whenever I see your beautiful work I can only think of one word - WOW! Hope the sale goes well (+ I'd love one of your brownies!!!) ;)


Your dolls are so cute! Your doll faces are always so sweet looking. If I lived near you I would definitely go to your fair and pick one up!


Everything looks great! I love those sweet angels.


Wow - I wish I could shop at your fair - I want it all! Hope it goes well :)


Best of luck with the fair - all your things look wonderful. Those baby dolls and angels look so sweet, and what a great idea to use doilies for the angels' robes!


Gosh-I wish I could have shopped at your fair! Wonderful work!!!!
Best wishes,


Wow! You're sure to have the most amazing table at the fair! Have fun!


Everything is so beautiful. And there is so much of it! I wish I lived near you, I would buy it all up.


Amazingly, fatastically, wonderful!


It all looks gorgeous Simmy - hope it goes/has gone well!


Everything looks great. I love fairs. Wish I could come. I know what I'd get...


You are a wonder, Simmy! And how busy you have been...everything is beautiful and wonderful. Have fun at the fair! ((HUGS))

Mary Ellen

really darling dolls. If you were making your first Waldorf-style doll, what pattern book would you suggest? I'm thinking of one suitable for a four month old boy. Thanks.


I'm so so impressed with your angels and the little waldorf dolls - beautiful work :)


Those felted bags and hearts are so beautiful!


Where abouts do you get your silk for dyeing? I want to make my little boy some playsilks but don't really understand the ins and outs of silk, and there seems to be loads of different ones for sale!

All your crafts are soo lovely, I wish there were craft stalls like yours around here!


How did you do? are you still crafting? i bet you have a shop by now, lots of craft people's stuff is, well not exactly marketable but i think you are really talented, truly. The baby bunting is really lovely.


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