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Well Tom has certainly done a great job with the vegetable patch - it looks terrific! You can't beat home grown veggies for taste.

Hi Simmy, I love your owls! I had to smile at the idea of a mass pelvic floor exercising session....must have something to do with the fact that I used to be a midwife.

The very best of luck for Saturday and the sun will shine.

Marie x


Well, you finally got me doing something constructive this morning: meditating on plenty of sunshine for you, while doing my Kegels, as instructed."Oooommmmmm." (Squeeze.)

Hope your fair is great and you sell all of your lovely things (that heart bag is wonderful!)

And tell Tom his garden is, without a doubt, the most fruitful I've seen in a while on either side of 'the pond.' Well done!


Oh, and the girls said to say "HI!" and "Happy 4th of July;)" to Amber! They were tickled pink by her comment the other day :)



I don't often comment, but I did honestly think, "Ooooh, now THAT looks like a quintessential English garden" the first time I saw the one picture in the previous post. I just love the bags, as well. Hope all goes well at your fair!


I am chanting the sun will shine and clenching in rhythm! Good luck for Saturday afternoon. You have lots of goodies to sell. I am envious of Tom's onions. Wot a luvverly bunch!


What busy bees you all are...That is a fantastic bunch of goodies you've made for the fair! Tom's garden is outstanding--so much good eating there! I'm doing sunshine dance today and everyday for you so that the sun will be shining brightly come Saturday ;o) Can't wait to hear post-fair news...((HUGS))


I shall keep my fingers crossed for you on saturday. And yes, Toms garden really does look so well tended and bountiful. Enjoy the fruits of his labor - there is no substitute for home grown food.


Wow! The garden is amazing! I will be sharing the photos with my hubby in hopes of inspiring him to plant next year.
And I like both sides of the bag or bags rather, inspiring work Simmy, I hope the sun shines on your festival.
have a great weekend


Ah your husband's veggie garden looks wonderful and so organised too. My dad is a keen veggie gardener, and I have to say that homegrown vegetables always taste much better. I love the owls and the brooches and I am sure they will sell like hotcakes, and I am keeping my fingers crossed for good weather for you. The new bags look so wonderful too.


own vegetables garden..
ain't it great to eat your own hard work?
too bad Singapore is too small for big planting :(
i LOVE the pony, and the owls too.
i hope i could fly to the summer fair.
totally cute! (:


That vegie garden is magnificent. I only dream of space like that. Good luck with the fair!


those bags are beautiful well done and i am very jealous of your veggie patch!!


Nice garden :) It makes me wish for spring....which is still months away here in upside down land.
Good luck for Saturday's weather, and for the stall. I know what it is like on a stall at a steiner school fair...sometimes you sell everything in sight, and other times it is slowww. You should have no trouble selling those owls and bags though! Have fun :)


Good luck at the fair.

And your vegetables look amazing! How big is your garden?


I love those owls!!
Hugs, Arian

Wylie Hunt

Simmy and Tom:
Beautiful photos of all your hard work -- the garden is gorgeous and so much work, I know. And all the bags and things you've made for the fair are wonderful, Simmy. I'm praying hard for a beautiful sunny day for you.


Oh my Tom's garden is spectacular and you get to enjoy it in food too! What could be better. The sun will shine brightly on Saturday and all your wares will be whisked off to new homes after the proper cash transaction!


If I only could have such a kitchen garden!!!! Beautiful, and plenty of good vegetables!
Congratulation to Tom!
And pretty felted bags, too!


Simmy, LOVE those bags...let me know if you don't sell them all. And those little brooches are pure brilliance! I love recycling things like that and I can't BEAR to throw out anything that could maybe, possibly be used for something else.

Don't forget your hat and sunscreen for your fair. Hope it all goes well.


What a sweet garden! Those are some productive raised beds! I really like the bag with apples on it- your embroidery is so tidy.

Sending sunny thoughts- we are having a drought and just had a great rainstorm last night, so I hope all the rain keeps falling in Kentucky instead of your neck of the woods!

melanie ashton-hosseini

Hi Simmy
Hope it's shiny and gorgeous for your fair this weekend, if you have any of those beautiful little owls left let me know.
I love you're embroidery!


The gardens are inspiring. My husband is impressed with the pictures and hopes to try his hand at the raised beds next year. He went out and bought an instruction book. Our tiny garden by the deck actually has some corn coming in! Even in this drought.
The bags are so beautiful. I wore Amber's handmade brooche today and got several compliments.
Hope your hard work paid off at the Summer Fair.


Keeping everything crossed- -it's supposed to be decent weather here so hopefully it will be OK with you too.

I LOVE your bags - and that felt - wow! Gorgeous subtle shades.

Tomo should feel very proud of his vegetable garden - it is an inspiration (I just pulled up our few blackfly infested broad beans. I'm sticking to flowers ;-)


Oh rats I can't believe I didn't check that last comment - of course, I meant "Tom" not "Tomo" (bangs head on desk)


Simmy, what on earth are Tussie Mussies? The vegetable patch looks fabulous Tom!


What if I just tell you I'm extremely jealous of all these wonderful vegetable gardens again? I can't stand the idea of being out in the cold in the spring but am quite envious when the hot summer sun and lovely veggies start appearing.

The bags and wool, though, are also covet-able.


that garden looks amazing...great job!!!
good luck to your whole family at the summer fair :)


Hi Simmy, sorry I haven't been by more often.
Tom's pic's do make what looked like a dam fine garden look even better.
June was wet, wet, wet here, or so they tell me...I try not to take too much note of the weather - except when it is too hot and I burn.
Your bags are great, my favorite is the grey background with the bright flowers.
If you are up for it I tagged you - a food tag!


Just playing catch up on all I have missed since I have been away! It is sunny here today so am hoping it is also sunny where you are!!! Hope you have a wonderful day! You've been ever so busy since I've been gone! I love your bags, but then I say that about all your stuff!


Lovely, lovely, LOVELY! I'm adding you to my links. LOVELY!

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