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The bag that took forever was worth it. You have made a beautiful and useful product. Is housework worth it? I never get all my housework done and when I am nearly there it all has to be done again. If you enjoy the process of whatever you are doing then the time given to it was worth it. Phewww, that was hard to try and explain but it was worth it! :)

little jenny wren

It's your time, you should use it as you wish.You probably learnt all sorts of things about yourself and about making bags while you made the-bag-that-took-forever. Nothing is ever wasted.The last bag that I made taught me that I never want to make another bag.


The bag is wonderful. Sounds like a reasonable price too. What else are you planning to sell?


It's so worth it if it fulfills you! You are consciously crafting a beautiful life for you and your family. The crafting and blogging provide that balance for when the children aren't...er...being so fulfilling :-). If you aren't personally being nourished, how can you nourish your family? Thanks for giving me the moment through your blog to think about this. Sniff. I miss my family--I'm in Montana pursuing one of my own passionis--history.


This is a bag that will last lifetimes. No one will want to throw it away. No one will want to give it up to just anyone. This bag will be past on and on.
I remember asking my mother the same question as she made one of her a close knit blankets. They were always beautiful, but took a lot of her precious(to me) time. She said it was her time to think and calm herself. But now that she is gone, I know it was also a way to leave some of her behind. I hold her warm, pretty blanket on cold nights and wonder what she was thinking about as she had her "Me Time". She also like to sculpt small animals and people and draw. I have shared lots of her creations with my children, family and friends. I made copies of some of her cards she drew and sold each year at her church mission festival. Yes, it is worth it. I now think of all she did and how much more she would have liked to do. She did too much house cleaning, caretaking and so many other chores. Bravo! Keep making those gorgeous creations! Keep blogging and sharing. I love it and I like to show friends your blog. They always ooh and aw over your creations.


Yes!Yes!Yes! Your work is particularly beautiful. I have been reading your blog for a little while, though I can't remember how I discovered it...I think it was a link from someone else about your wonderful Waldorf dolls. So yes, Simmy, everything is worth it. The few blogs I read (yours being one of my favourites)are something that I look forward to every day. Discovering a new post is like spotting the handwriting of a dear friend when I pick up the mail from the mat. This is my first comment on any blog (I guess that makes me a lurker)but I really felt your call and had to answer. I know that question " is it worth it?" all to well. I think we never fully realize how much others appreciate our efforts and sometimes it isn't until weeks or months later that we come to hear how beautiful or delicious something we made was and then it takes us completely by surprise! Of course, I agree with the other commenters who talked of self-fulfillment...very important. So keep doing what you are doing. You appear to be incredibly well-balanced and find a lot of joy in your life and family, and I in turn, love reading about it and am inspired. BTW,the new bags are lovely and the price seems right.


I am very glad you take the time to blog. Your work inspires me. The bag is beautiful and worth whatever price you put on it.

Wylie Hunt

Dear Simmy,
The bag is absolutely beautiful. You should be very proud of your efforts, and it is worth every penny.

I think women often wonder what their work is worth, especially if they work from the home. I know that your children are so blessed to live in such a creative household. Even if it seems they don't appreciate it in the moment, trust me, they will as they get older.

This blogging community is an amazing one, isn't it? So full of love and compassion. I am hoping to work on setting up a blog myself (with much prompting from my daughter!).

Take care. Stay in touch,
Love, Wylie


I've been reading your blog for a little while and always find it inspiring. You inspire me with your talk of homemaking and crafting, so I vote it is certainly worth it. You even helped inspire me to start my own blog.


Is it worth it? Well, I have to divide things into two categories. It's worth it for the things I make for my girls, no question there. I really enjoy making outfits for Ivy. The Etsy shop is a bit harder, especially during times like now when nothing seems to be selling.

And the blogging--I'm working on cutting down the time-wasting aspect where I just sit and reload my bloglines to see if there is any new posts...But the connections I've made, the inspiration I've received, that part is wonderful and well worth the time I put into reading other blogs and keeping my own.


I always read, but rarely have time to comment. I love everything you do, Simmy. The bag looks spectacular. For me it's definitely all worth it -- it keeps me sane, and it's cheaper than therapy. ;)


i say...if it makes your heart sing, then it's ALL worth it!! and i hear your song loud and clear through your craft.

blogging and reading other blogs does take a certain amount of time, but i have always felt that it is about community...and that community is ALWAYS there when i need a little lift or inspiration. blogging has taught me the crucial art of follow through...i have a PILE of unfinished projects in the works from my past...but with my blog, i feel that commitment now, to finish what i start. thanks for putting this out there Simmy...i ALWAYS enjoy coming here for a good read and inspiring projects.


it's worth it. All that you write about is worth it!

And I agree to everything. Beautiful work as usual. And it is important to remind ourself that we blog to live (a more inspired life is as good a reason as any!) and not blog to live.

I think you got it right!!!


your bag is fabulous. I always spend a while on the prices I charge and find it very hard to set them, I would love to charge a price which pays WAY over minimum wage etc BUT on the other hand I want to make things that people want to own and can enjoy. Maybe you could turn fashion-y and have a 'diffusion range' with just one flower on a bag for the poor (money wise) people who dont want to pay £60. But your bag is so worth £60. And you know what? sometimes it's better to not sell something than sell it at a cut price price!
chin up and YES, it's worth it :-)
PS if it's not obvious I DID read your last post ;-) xxx sarah xxx


I can really relate to your post today. I'm getting ready to have my 5th child any day now, and having a large family has forced me to lay aside so many things. But I HAVE to take care of the house and family and, like you, I HAVE to have some creative outlet. I can't say whether the bag was "worth it" or not (only you can decide that), but it is absolutely lovely. I want to make something similar now. :-)


De-lurking (sp?...I found you a few weeks ago and love to read your posts!) to say HI and to say yes to both your question.lo.


Okay, I'm a lurker speaking up. Your blogging is worth it! I love to come here and be inspired by your words and your projects, and I stop by every weekday.

All of the other things are worth it, too, but in the end, it all comes down to a simple question: Are YOU happy? You do so much for others, and yes the schedule can be daunting, and the kids are sometimes less than wonderful, but at the end of the day, are you happy with all of the things that you do?

It sounds like you don't want to give up any of the things you do now, so why torture yourself over it? Maybe today all of the housework doesn't get done, but you'll catch it up later. Maybe the craft sale has to take a front seat for a few days, but everything will balance out in the end.

The bag is totally worth it, and your price is reasonable.


I'm so glad you came to the conclusion that it IS worth it (all of it).

When non-bloggers give me the 'You do what?' stare, I just smile a little secret smile to myself. Because we know it's special.

Jessica Madsen

Hey, Simmy!

I'll delurk to comment too! I started knitting when I chose to stay at home full time. It saved my sanity through the "Teletubby" years! Now I've branched out to spinning and weaving...and they are still sanity savers. I can take my spinning wheel outside and be constructive while the kids play in the sandbox and run around.

For the record, I love the details on the handcrafted items you post here! You do marvelous (and ingenious--those blanket edge coils are cool!) work!


Hello Simmy, I am very guilty of not commenting even though I mean to. I read most blogs via bloglines intending to go to the 'real' blog and comment when I get a moment. It's just that moment seems to come along too rarely.

Pricing is my big quandry (sp?) at the moment so I am not a good person to offer advice.


I guess you just have to ask what you would do if you didn't do all these things? If it makes you happy it is always worth it :)
Ps I enjoy reading your blog and do mean to comment, but never quite get there...


Oh my goodness, that bag is SO worth it. And the price is very fair too. I adore that bag.

lucykate crafts

IT IS WORTH IT! (sorry for shouting)

the bag is lovely, i really want to have a go at felting, have been scouring our local charity shops looking for 100% wool items, but not found anything yet.


Hi Simmi, your note about wanting comments really struck me, as I tend to lurk and not always say hello. I came across your blog a few weeks ago and loved it so much, I think I read the whole thing. I used to live in the UK many years ago and so your blog feels familiar, and I love the crafting. Thanks for the inspiration and I'm glad you think it's worth writing these posts! Best wishes to you and your family.


I'm like you - if i don't create something every day (or be in the process of creating) i feel lost. I will never get paid a fair price for my time ( unless i sold to boutiques), but for me money isn't everything. It's the creating. And if i can cover costs and make a few $ even better. Love the bag! Someone else will too and see the time and effort involved.


We all know that handmade is not nearly as valued as something mass-produced. But I think the time invested in anything is always worth it, if you get a lot out of just the process of making, as I do. Sometimes the sense of completion and achievement is a reward in itself. As for the bag, I have no idea about pricing in the UK, but hey, its one-of-a-kind by a master crafter. If you spin the marketing speak and someone falls in love with it, it doesn't matter too much about the price. Who knows? You might not even want to part with it...which is usually the case for me.


Anything is worth time and energy if it makes us happy and feel fulfilled. Once something becomes a chore, then it's time to rethink and regroup. It's an issue I think we all wrestle with from time to time, and its good to I think as it enables us to ensure that we are on the right path.


We all know that handmade is not nearly as valued as something mass-produced. But I think the time invested in anything is always worth it, if you get a lot out of just the process of making, as I do. Sometimes the sense of completion and achievement is a reward in itself. As for the bag, I have no idea about pricing in the UK, but hey, its one-of-a-kind by a master crafter. If you spin the marketing speak and someone falls in love with it, it doesn't matter too much about the price. Who knows? You might not even want to part with it...which is usually the case for me.


hello there
I believe whatever crafting you fit in around your busy schedule must be worth it. When I've made something I like it fills me with so much happiness and pride and can change my mood for the day. I love reading your blog but regrettfully do not comment often. I know this may not be a quick answer but do you felt jumpers in the washing machine? If so, how many hot washes do you put it through? Mine don't seem to be working.


I think everyone of us thinks those same things about our life and our craft. I too love reading other blogs and seeing inspiring things and getting new ideas too. The comments are a verification of how much craft is part of our life and how much it means to us too, and having other people comment on it justifies our efforts I think. The bag you made is just gorgeous, those flowers look wonderful and I am sure it is worth the price your going to ask too. Sometimes people dont realise how much of ourselves we put into our craft, and how important it is to us too.


Simmy--big hugs to you!! I love your blog! It's always a treat to see when you've updated and I love to follow along with what you're doing, where you're at. All that you do is very much appreciated. So are your crafts! The new bags are wonderful, and you have them priced very well. Trust that they will find new, happy owners. I think that anything done in the spirit of love is worth it. I personally believe that anything undertaken with love in mind changes it around into something great--even small takes like laundry & dishes! It might sound silly, but I believe it to be true. Love is why we are here. Love woven into all we do finds a way of weaving itself into to other things, other people. So know that all the you put into your crafts, the end result will be marked with your heart & soul, and will make it all the more valuable. Blogging is a very special thing...It bring people together, inspires, enlightens...You continually inspire, Simmy! Keep up this lovely place, we all love to visit you here. Be happy, my friend! :o)


oh yes, it is so worth it. I'm guilty of being a terrible lurker because I run out of time and words get stuck in my head, so hello.

I think the act of creating brings us so much more than the finished product. Which I think are truly lovely BTW. And will be enjoyed by whoever becomes the lucky owner. Even so the the pricing issue is a hard one, to sell to be accessible and yet to not undervalue that which cannot be truly valued only in a monetary sense. Tricky.


Wonderful bag! I really enjoy reading your blog - you've definitely inspired me. Thankyou.


Hi Simmy- Love the bag! And the post, I am glad you spent the time to write it. I think as a stay at home mom as well that crafting is very important. It gives me an outlet to make something that won't-hopefully- get undone to quickly.


Just blog hopped here yesterday and today.Enjoyed reading your blog and drooling on your crafts, beautiful and inspiring. Of course if doing something makes you happy and sane, it is worth it. I actually pay to enrol in a sewing class even though I can sew, bec. I want to get out of the hs and be in the company of others and spent 2 hrs of 'me time' sewing. I thank you and other craft-bloggers for the inspiration and keeping my enthusiasm alive.


Hello Simmy
I'm de-lurking too, to say that the satisfaction of creating things as beautiful as your bags has to be worth it. As many others have said, you are an inspiration, both in the things you write about and the lovely things you make.


I'm afraid I don't comment often enough (shy you know) but I do read and am often inspired by your words and doings. It is definitely worth it. The bag is beautiful and well worth the money.

Jane Barber

of course it's worth it!
all your work is gorgeous


It's worth it, I think, crafting and creating enriches life and blogging about it shares that energy and connection with others.

I think it is a very generous thing to blog about your creative process, and you have inspired my sister and I to have a go at blogging. We are just getting rolling but I aspire to do what you are doing over here!

After just a couple weeks of blogging, I appreciate the few good blogs I read, and yours is at the top of my list!!


Ah, the pricing thing is so hard isn't it? I sell knitted bits and pieces, and the amount of time knitting takes ... well if I charged by the hour no one would buy!

Thank you for being honest about the comments love. I love getting comments on my blog too (I like the shared dialogue and sense of community it brings), but I do find that if you want comments, you need to get out there and comment yourself on other blogs. It seems that the weeks I'm quiet and not reading (blogs) or commenting much, I get fewer comments myself. I guess a comment received reminds the person to go visit your blog ...

Anyway, great post, and that bag is just beautiful.


Your bag lit up my face when I saw it in your entry. You've done a beautiful job. The colors you've used bring the bag warmth and light at the same time. My emotional response to the work is comfort (from the warm colors of the pots and the background) and joy (from the colors used in the flowers themselves). Although the bag took awhile to complete, was it exciting to see it unfold? For me and the things I make, the excitement of seeing the work coming together in my very hands and before my eyes makes it worth it.

I haven't shared this with you, yet, and I should have. A few weeks ago I was reading your blog entry and afterwards decided to take a closer look at your sidebar. I took a look at your 'Things I've Made' album and found the baby fern dishcloth that you had made. I was under a lot of stress that week and finding your work inspired me to make one myself. I found the pattern on the internet quickly and had the materials needed for the project on hand so getting a start on the cloth was easy. As I knitted up the pattern I felt my stresses melt away. When I began the project I felt overwhelmed. When I finished I felt at peace and in a position to carry on. Your writing and your work is well worth it. By doing what you do you give so much to others. Thank you!


The bags that you've made are great!! you've done a good job.
greatings from Spain.


I LOVE those bags, they are so beautiful. It's funny I really related to a lot you wrote in your post, I've been thinking about a lot of the same stuff lately, and you summed it up so perfectly. Thanks for taking the time to write all that.

Wild Rose

Oh Simmy, your bag is lovely. I have been thinking the same thing about blogging and my business lately...I guess it just takes time to get recognition for all the effort it takes. I do hope that you think it is worthwhile: your posts are perceptive, thought-provoking and interesting.


Romina from Mexico

Every thing you make is worth as well as BEAUTIFUL :)


love the bag, well done! Also, very well put about 'is it worth it' it is good to look reflectively not just to see if something is worth jettisoning from your life, but to reaffirm that it is worth your time.


Yes. It's worth it, worth every penny or pound. Of course there are days where it's overwhelming but it always comes back to being worth, doesn't it?


Absolutely Simmy ((((hugs)))

Everything you make is wonderful and you are such an inspiration :)


Your work is beautiful and inspiring!


i love your bag and your blog...i like your dyed felt too!
so my answer is yes,your bag is worth it!
:) laura.. a faithful reader and shy commenter from north carolina

Dawn Alice Rogers

i've never commented to you before, but i must tell you i love your creations and i think they are well worth your time. i have often had these very same concerns about creative time and energy. as you said, it is not an option not to do it. best wishes from a stranger. and please, charge more than that for the bag!!


Is it all worth it? Yes it is, I am about to write a post about blogging and the like so it has been on my mind, as well as the whole notion of commercial viability and the layperson's ability to understand (read non-blogging, non-making types). I do love the bag, especially the circle flowers - love how they are different on each side. I think from the sheer amount of assenting comments that there are many others that agree!

Christiane Payton

For me, it comes down to what makes me get out of bed every day. Beauty is worth it. The love of family and friends is worth it. Feeling connected and understood is worth it. For me, creative expression is not work; it is the liberation of productive energy. Your blog is a source of inspiration and is a wonderful reminder that we are not alone.


I'm a bit late for the party, but just had to leave a comment. Thank you for a great and thought-provoking post! I think it is worth it too, even though I get few comments on my blog, but when all is said and done, I really started it for myself, as a way of charting my progress in all the crafts I do(quilting is at the forefront these days). If people stop by to say hello it really makes my day! That reminds me to be better about leaving comments in other people's blogs too.
I love your bags, and think they are definitely worth the price!

Mama Urchin

Those little flowers in the pots are so cute.

"HI,I read your post!" Thank you for blogging-I live way up in the mountains,literally with no neighbors but the woodland creatures,so crafting blogs are my inspiration and often my sanity!"
Keep up the great work!


I love the bag and I do read your posts! :)

Elisa Lataster

I just love your blog !

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