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Oh Simmy - poor poor Rohan. I burned my hand in a similar fashion with a vat of boiling pumpkin soup for a party. So committed was I to serving it up, I didn't drop the pan. Silly me. But it did heal fine and I hope Rohan's will do the same.


Oh, poor Rohan! That looks SO painful! I really feel for him (and you). I love the dolls, they look so very cuddly!


Poor Rohan, hope the hospital were able to give him something for the pain and that it heals quickly. The lavender essential oil will certainly help.
Your dolls are lovely, I'm sure you'll have no problem whatever selling them at the fair. Did you never hear people when you were little saying that the older you get, the faster time passes? I always used to think what a silly thing that was to say - then I discovered it's true!!


Oh crikey, poor old Rohan, burns are so painful! I love the doll with the curly hair, she's so pretty!

Yes, I often feel the same way you do..."stop the world, I'm getting off!" as the Stone Roses used to sing...showing my age there, eh?


Oh poor Rohan.Those steam burns really hurt don't they.I hope heals quickly.

prairie mouse

very impressive work rohan! those are very mean blisters. i hope they aren't so painful now.
simmy the dolls are gorgeous!


Your stall should look wonderful with all your creations. Remember when Christmas used to take forever to arrive and you only started thinking about it in December,that is when you were about 9 years old.


YES! Life flies by and throws some accidents in your way, too as if things weren't already "interesting". Elio fell all the way down 15 wooden stairs a week ago. He's okay, but that's just by way of saying that I know what you mean. Making and sharing beautiful things does help ease the stress, though. THANK you for the luscious blanket and delicious treats. A pinch of your mother's garam masala went into my kale and bean soup and warmed me through and through. Hope my package reaches you soon. Sorry about putting all this in a comment--your son's injury just got me going. Good wishes for healing and calm...c.


Oh, your poor little boy. That really does look painful. I swear by Weleda burn cream. I have this awful habit of burning myself (is in fact how I got my blog name- I burned my toes at a campfire). the Weleda burn cream is something every home should have on hand... I am sure it will heal well. poor little guy.


Your poor boy.. That is so sore looking!
Missed checking on you and had a lot of back reading to catch up on.. You have been busy!
A belated birthday hello to your Amber . Seeing you latest made me want to say, I still have the doll I bought from you.. SHe will go to my niece for Christmas.. I hadn't been able to part with her before ...
My life is going fast too.. too fast.

take care!!


OH no! Poor Rohan! That looks so horribly painful. :-(

Your dolls are lovely! And those little gnome guys are the best. I love them!


Poor Rohan, his hand looks so sore. Bless him - I'm sure he has been really brave!

I agree, life seems a little fast but I can't see it slowing down any day soon to be honest with you.

Like your dolls - very cute :)


OH HONEY! Bless that boy's heart. I pray for a quick healing.


Oh, poor sweetie! First thing I do with burns is hold them under cold water for as long as I can stand it, an ice pack serves as well. It must stop the flesh from cooking, because it really does help. The if a blister forms I pop it with a sterile needle (hold it in a flame) slather and put some neosporin on it. I hope he's feeling better!

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